Adding Music to Your Online Videos

By Jenner BrownPhotography by Cuba Gallery.

So you've decided to make the leap into creating amazing video content for your blog--high five! You've got your DSLR, your concept, your uninhibited creative savvy-style, and a great eye for details. You've even shot your video and are now assembling a masterpiece with Sundance on speed-dial.

What about the music?

Before you reach for that Justin Bieber techno-remix to overlay your macaroon tutorial video, you should know that there are a lot of rules about music when it comes to online video. It can be complicated and confusing to sort it all out.

Adding to the dilemma is the unsettling fact that online content can live forever, including your videos. Once you post something you have no idea who will see it or where it may be downloaded. With any luck your video will go viral and get embedded all over the internet, drawing waves of viewers to your blog. When it comes to copyrighted content like photos and music, it's simply wise to be on the cautious side. Plus, it's really good karma.

This doesn't mean you're relegated to using your brother's emo band or elevator music. The million dollar question, however, is--where do you get quality music to use, especially if you're on a tight budget? Thankfully, there are many places to find great music online to add to your videos. There are both vocals and instrumentals available, that won't break the bank. Many sites even offer music to use for free!

Here are a few of my favs: (free) (free)