By Jenner Brown.

When you begin making videos to enhance your blog, you are adding a unique dimension to your online persona. It's a valuable medium that offers a great way to re-introduce yourself to your readers; those who have followed your blog for a while will learn new things about you. It's an exciting prospect really. Suddenly your speaking and making jaunty crafts and dancing outlandishly (looking at you Girls With Glasses). Utilizing video gives you new opportunities to grow your following.

You shouldn't be afraid to make the leap to video, even if you are a hopeless introvert like me. It's time to hop on the video bandwagon! Remembering the first rule of blogging with video will keep you out of trouble: Be yourself! Trite, I know - and probably cliché - but it's absolutely the truth. The best video bloggers keep it real.

One of the most common mistakes people make when they first start making videos is deviating from their natural voice. Of course, I'm not talking about inhaling helium balloons or doing your Lana Del Ray impression. I'm referring to your demeanor and personality. We all want to be cool, maybe even a little mysterious...overly eager, perhaps? As a rule, people have a good sense for authenticity.

Be yourself.

It is even helpful to practice being yourself. I remember a conversation I had with a prominent blogger with a huge following who told me about her early experience posting videos to her blog via YouTube. The first several vids were awful. Production values were low, full of homespun iPhone wizardry. But she stayed true to her own flamboyant, quirky self.

Keep your natural voice and make the best videos you can. Even if their amateur at first, you'll be adding lots of value to your blog. Happy filmmaking!