Best Practices of Blogging

By Sara Urquhart. Photography by Painting the Roses Black.

We have high standards here at Alt, and we think you should, too. You can set yourself apart as a blogging pro by instituting blogging best practices, whether you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran.

Be consistent. Readers like knowing what to expect, so blogging consistently is key. If you’re taking a break, tell your readers. If you’re going offline for a couple of weeks, it’s a professional courtesy to let your readers know that you’ll be gone…and that you’ll be back.

Be upfront about advertising. Tell your readers when it’s time to take on sponsors. Explain that sponsors will allow you to keep blogging, or to make blogging a profession. And do your homework about FTC guidelines regarding sponsored posts and product reviews to protect yourself and your sponsors.

Engage with your readers. Do your best to respond to emails and comments with respect and timeliness. Remember, your readership is part of what makes you attractive to sponsors, so treat your readers well!

Focus on original, quality content. You’re drawn to blogging because you have something to share. Don’t get caught up in looking or sounding like someone else’s blog—remember that your voice and your point of view are what make your blog unique and interesting.

Take good design seriously. This may mean hiring or trading with a designer to create a site with a strong aesthetic, or starting with a great template that you tweak. Good design also means high-quality images. Alt Channel to the rescue: watch for Laurie Smithwick’s class for more about making your site spectacular and Justin Hackworth’s classes for putting your DSLR to work.