How to Become a Blog Contributor

By Victoria Hudgins. Photo by Cube Me.

Have you wondered how YOU could get a blogging contributor job? Well, you're in luck! There was a panel at Alt discussing this topic and Chelsey, Capree, Melanie and me are sharing our tips on the topic this week.

How to land a great contributing position.

Be approachable! With the ability for anyone and everyone to see your crafting work, being approachable is a great asset. Here are four tips on how to do that:


  • Find your own authentic voice: be true to your own style, tastes, and personality and people will seek you out. A strong, unique voice in a sea of blogs will get you noticed. 
  • Engage: Put yourself out there and engage with other bloggers, big and small. The blogging community is an incredibly supportive network; people want and are willing to help you, but they have to know who you are. 
  • Don’t be afraid to start small: Get yourself out there. Consider guest posting on “smaller” blogs, not just the "big" blogs. It’s good practice and you get exposure. You are building relationships that will help you in the future. 
  • Have an organized, easy to navigate and beautiful site! Be consistent in your post styling. If someone found your project on Pinterest, would they recognize it as your photography/font/graphic style? 


When you are looking for a new contributing position consider making cold calls. If you are interested in guest posting on a favorite blog, ask if they'd ever consider taking a contributor. If it is a blog that already has contributors send them an idea with detailed description and (web res) photos of what you want to write about. Always follow up on these emails if you don't hear anything, but DON'T BE PUSHY.

Get to know people one-on-one, in person locally and at conferences. It is the best way to connect and make contacts. In our opinion one face-to-face is worth 50 emails! Just like other industries, networking is one of the most important ways to get ahead. Companies will often go to their current bloggers for suggestions when hiring. Be able to pitch to both parties. Be confident. Be persistent. And most importantly be willing to move on, and move forward, even after rejection.

Learn more about how to land a contributing position, and the ins and outs of getting paid in this month's Alt freelance class taught on Janurary 26th, at 9pm ET.