Resources for Blog Businesses

By Helena Swyter. Photo by Julie Remizova.

As you begin to grow your blog into a business, there are many resources available to help you from the start. Here are a few links to get you moving:

The Small Business Administration is a government organization devoted to the needs of small business owners. They offer help with drafting a business plan, securing financing, and understanding local license requirements.

If you’d like free one-on-one mentoring, use Score to find a business coach in your area. You have many options when it comes to maintaining your books and records. It is worth your time to explore and choose the one that is the best fit for you and your blog. The following are some of the more-popular options:

Some of the best tips come from other bloggers who have grown their blog into a business. Check out Breanna Rose’s Be Free, Lance series and Jeremy and Kathleen’s Freelance Matters.

If you prefer to get your business advice straight to your inbox, sign up for Jess Lively’s Wish I Knew Wednesday mailing list and Amanda Genther’s newsletter.

Don’t be afraid to look for answers on the IRS website where you can find quick overviews of most tax situations.