Rekindling Your Blogging Romance

By: Monica Lee

You have been blogging for a while now. You are in a routine. It’s all good but sometimes it feels a little flat. You have started checking stats a bit too frequently. When your close blogging friends ask you about your traffic (I say close because anyone else asking you that might as well be asking your bra size) you respond with a sigh. You say, “My traffic is only_______.”

Remember when you had just started blogging and you told anyone who would listen, “I got 20 hits today!!!” Remember the thrill of the first post you wrote that got more than 1 comment? Oh, it felt so good and you rested assured you are on the right path.

It doesn’t feel quite the same now. Now nothing feels new. Nothing seems to get your heart beating fast so you keep checking stats, checking your social media growth, waiting for that feeling again. You know what feeling I am talking about, the same fluttery feeling you felt after a good first date.

 It is time to give yourself a shake up. It is time to look at your blog in a new way. I propose you and your blog go on a first date again. Like every good relationship, it needs to be respected and understood. You need to look at all your hard work with fresh eyes. You may also need to change the way you talk about it.  Decide to make the words you speak out loud positive words. Even that slight shift can make a difference in your mindset. “I am really happy to have _____ visitors every month,” might be a new response.

You are in the hard work phase of your blogging adventure and the only person that can make it feel exciting and fresh is YOU. If you are feeling “less than” or lack luster about it, pour yourself a cup of something yummy and go on a first date. List everything you like about what you have done so far. Be proud of what you have accomplished.

After you have done that, jot down some dreams you have for your future together. Oh, so enchanting! Changing your words and your thought life around your work might be just what your blogging romance needs.