How To Apply for a Blog Contributor Position

By: Melanie Blodgett Image by: Marc Johns

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start applying to become a blog contributor and to your delight, your favorite of all favorite blogs just listed that they’re hiring. So what’s the best practice for landing the gig? My best advice is to be specific with your pitch.

We’ve all gotten pitch emails that require a lot of work to even find the point. Either you have to scroll for ages or follow a bunch of links to see whatever you’re supposed to be seeing. Working through your inbox is work enough, you don’t want your pitch to be disregarded because it takes too much time to read through. You want the person hiring to be able to open up your message and be able to see your point of view in less than 30 seconds. You want to capture their attention so they keep on reading.

Here’s what you need to include when applying for a blog contributor position:

- A brief introduction of who you are and a link to your blog

- A specific idea of what type of blog posts you would contribute (it could be a series)

- An example of that type of post attached with high quality photos

- A thank you and brief closing

Make sure you’re sending the email from an email address you regularly use, preferably the one associated with your blog. For practice, send an example of this type of email to a friend and get their feedback on what stood out to them and what may have been distracting or lacking.

Take the time to pitch well so you get the job!