Create A Tradition Of Expressing Gratitude

By: Sara Urquhart  Image by: Justin Hackworth

It’s both common and expected to thank someone for their kindness and help in the moment it’s been given but I believe it’s powerful to also follow up later to let someone know their actions affected you in a significant way.

A “thank you” in the moment is anticipated, but the surprise of taking the time days,  weeks, months or even years later to express gratitude for a thoughtful gesture, a moment of rescue, an insightful idea or bit of advice—that is unexpected and can forge a relationship in a unique and significant way.

When you reach out to emphasize your gratitude, you’re showing thoughtfulness and depth. Your gratitude has more weight and will be more meaningful when it’s given that extra effort.

This is a perfect time of year to create an annual practice of reflecting on those mentors, clients, friends, and partners who’ve made a difference in your life and business. Make the time to express your appreciation, and do it again next year, and the next.