Best Time To Prepare For Alt? Now!

By Sara Urquhart  Image by: Justin Hackworth

We’re all balancing our typical roles of work, blog, online shop, and/or projects at this time of year plus the emotion and extra work of the holidays. If you have children, they’ll be out of school before you know it, then it’s a brand new year, and suddenly you find yourself on your way to Alt.

Now is the time to think about those things that need to be done to prepare for Alt. Avoid handing out business cards you’re not so proud of or that constant apology for the state of your site by putting those things on your schedule now. Account for design and printing turnaround time for business cards or promotional pieces; think of design and coding time for site updates. If what you’ll wear is important to you, plan to think about outfits with enough time to shop for or order extra pieces you might want.

Now is the time to update your bio, begin thinking about goals for next year, and do a little research about people you might like to connect with at Alt. Think about how you’ll introduce yourself and what you’ll want to be talking about—and listening for. Give yourself a little time to prepare for Alt by thinking now about what needs to happen in order for you to feel calm and prepared about attending. Then put those items on your calendar, and enjoy the preparations!