Attending Conferences 101: Go Home And Do The Work

By: Sara Urquhart  Photo by: Justin Hackworth

This series focuses on lessons I’ve learned about attending conferences over the years of organizing Alt. Read about how more isn’t always better here and how relaxing will make for a better conference experience here.

Hopefully, your conference attendance yields some great ideas. Turn those ideas into action items, and do them. (Some steps for turning inspiration into action here)

Likewise, if a teacher suggests homework, do it. I can’t emphasize this enough. You won’t improve by knowing about the homework. You’ll improve by doing the homework. Practice the skills, exercises, or ideas that speakers suggest. Trust the experience and expertise of the speaker. Trust that the work they suggest will lead to improvement.

Like building any skill, you must do the work to progress. Deciding you’d like to play the piano doesn’t mean you can play the piano—you have to practice. Building business and blogging skills is the same story.

Take any necessary steps to make sure you’re going to do the work. Give yourself a deadline, and if you can, partner with a friend (or someone you met at the conference) for accountability. Share your goals, and then share your work and critique each other.

Taking action is what will make the conference worth the time and money you sacrificed to be there.