Being a Contributor Without Giving Up Content

By: Melanie Blodgett Photo by: Chelsey Andrews

One of the concerns I hear from students considering contributing is that they’re afraid they’ll give up some great content for the contributing position and their blog will suffer. I get it, coming up with topics to blog about is half the battle and you don’t want your best posts to end up on somebody else’s site. You ultimately want your best content to be drawing traffic to your blog by being published on your site. A completely valid concern. Here’s my advice:

Apply for contributor positions that cover topics that you’re not currently blogging about on your site.

For instance, on my blog I mostly cover party and diy ideas but obviously those are not the only topics I’m interested in or knowledgeable about. I also enjoy writing about being a new mom but I didn’t think my already established blog was a good avenue to do so. So I looked for contributing positions in the mom category and found one where I can share all things kiddo and I get to gush about my son without driving away readers who are coming to my site for what it already offered.

Make sense? This way your blog and your contributor position aren’t competing for content and you can just blog away to your heart’s content.