Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Stefan Sagmeister

The keynote addresses are always a highlight of Alt and today we're thrilled to announce this year's three speakers who will be sure to inspire. The second speaker we'll be honored to hear from is reknowned graphic designer and typographer, Stefan Sagmeister (@sagmeisterwalsh). In his address he'll explore the possibilities to achieve happiness as a designer, share his tactics to make sure his work remains a calling without deteriorating into a job, and showcase some of his design pieces that induce happiness in the audience. 

Stefan Sagmeister was born in Austria and lives and works in New York at his design firm, Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. He has worked for the Rolling Stones, The Talking Heads, Lou Reed, The Guggenheim Museum and Levis. Exhibitions on Sagmeister's work have been mounted in New York, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Paris, Lausanne, Zurich, Vienna, Prague, Cologne and Berlin. He is a two-time Grammy Award winner for his album package designs and author of the book, Things I have learned in my life so far

Stefan's presentation absolutely can't be missed!