Three great reasons to get organized online

By Victoria Hudgins. Photography by Paul Indigo.

Being organized will help you to streamline content
One of the most difficult issues with blogging and can be finding what you need, when you need it! You know you have the perfect cake stand for today's round up or the correct credit on a photo you loved, you just cannot remember where you put them. When you establish organizational systems online it will help your content to be tight and fabulous. Using programs like Evernote or Flipboard can be a great help to getting your online inspiration in order.

Being organized will increase blogging efficiency
Have you ever opened your computer to start a project and then checked in on Twitter, and then scrolled over through a page of Pinterest, and before you know it three hours have gone by? If you are able to organize your tasks and schedule on the computer you can eliminate what I like to call "aimless wandering syndrome." With a successful social media organization system, you will be able to get projects done on-time. You'll also be able to find the right inspiration, when and how you choose to do it.

Being organized will decrease your stress
We all feel better about ourselves and our work when we are in control. When you are organized, you are the one in control of your to-do list, your plans, and your materials. When you are unorganized, work can quickly pile up into a mess and you will be forever in responding mode. It is difficult to grow a brand and build a successful site when you are functioning in this mode. Using an online editorial calendar and the thoughtboxes list system are easy ways to stay organized and help you feel on top of the world!