How Sending an Email Newsletter is Like Throwing A Party

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Email newsletters are not synonymous with fun, but for a blogger they can be an important part of growing one's readership. If you think of your readers as your friends, and your newsletters like the party of the year, you might just have a line around the block trying to get in.

Get the Word Out
Every great party starts with a great invitation. Add a widget to your blog, or a sign up form to your Facebook page, and whoever is interested can RSVP. You can make it easy for people to invite their friends too, by adding share and social share buttons to your newsletters. The more the merrier, right? Well, kinda. Even though most people love a good party, some people just aren’t that social. You wouldn’t force someone to rock sequins and eat cupcakes against their will, so you shouldn’t add anyone to your email list without their permission.

Add a Little Sparkle
No party would be blog-worthy without some killer decorations. You’ve worked hard to develop your personal brand, from logo and color palette down to what shoes to pack for Alt. You'd also put that same attention to detail into tablecloth selection and DIY place cards for any party you threw. The same should go for your email newsletters, which are an extension of your blog. If your readers are your friends, then they deserve (and expect) more than a plain-text recap of your latest blog posts. Looking for design inspiration? Look no further.

Be the Hostess With the Mostess
At the center of every fabulous party is an equally fabulous host or hostess. It’s your chance to shine and make your party unforgettable– introduce everyone over appetizers, tell your funniest stories, and finish up with a sweet dessert­. Fill your newsletters with your most interesting blog posts, creative DIY projects, delicious recipes, and beautiful photos for the same, memorable effect. Link the text back to your blog to generate more traffic, or even include a bonus feature just for your newsletter subscribers to encourage more sign-ups. You can also introduce your readers to some of your friends or favorite bloggers by linking to posts on their blogs (with their permission, of course). Share the love!

Relax, Reflect, and Start Planning for the Next One!
The guests have left, the dishes have been put away, and the photos have been uploaded to Instagram. After a good night’s sleep and strong cup of coffee, take the time to reflect on how it all went. Did your friends have fun? Maybe they didn’t love the pie. That’s ok, you’ll try a different recipe next time. Unlike a party, once you’ve sent your newsletter, the fun really begins. You can check out all sorts of stats, like how many people opened it and what links they clicked on. Use that information to get a sense of what you’re doing right, and what you can improve on for next time.

Soon, your readers will be looking forward to your newsletters as much as your friends look forward to your annual Halloween bash. If you need more tips or creative ideas on how to use email newsletters, check out this page we put together just for bloggers like you!