Getting the Most Out of Alt If You’re Not Attending Alt

By Sara Urquhart. Photography by Alt.

We wish everyone who wants to attend Alt could be in Salt Lake with us this week, but if you’re feeling a little sad you won’t be there in real life, don’t worry! You’re still part of the Alt community, and there are so many ways to stay connected to the inspiration.

First, decide what you’d be looking for if you were attending Alt and then do what you can to gather this information in other ways. There are so many options!

If you’re looking for content and information… try registering for classes on the Alt Channel. Many of the same presenters, as well as many other great teachers, will be teaching incredible content there, not only this month, but all year long.

If you’re looking for collaborations and connections… reach out to others through the Alt Channel classes, in the chat box. Attend the Alt Summit on-line meetups for your niche and connect in person there. Or watch the Twitter stream(#altsummit) or Facebook page to find other friends who aren’t attending Alt and connect with them online. Check out each other’s blogs and see what partnerships might emerge. Using the platforms you have on hand gives you tons of options for making connections.

If you’re looking to meet Alt sponsors… then reach out to them. The Alt sponsors are very eager to meet people in the Alt community, whether those people at the Salt Lake event or not. Feel free to reach out to them through Twitter, and begin building a relationship and even pitch an idea or two.

If you’re looking for pretty things… it’s true, there will be many pretty things at Alt, and you can see them through our Instagram feed, our Flickr page and our blog throughout the conference and beyond. Watch for attendees’ Instagram feeds for even more inspiration.

Listen, if you’ll be missing us at Alt, we’ll be missing you, too. But you don’t have to miss out on building your blog and business this month!