Creating A Stock Photo Library

By Alt Channel teacher Justin Hackworth.

Sometimes you need to get that blog post up right away and don't have a lot of time to search for, or shoot, the perfect companion photograph. One way to fix this problem is to plan ahead and start creating your own stock photo library.

Start taking photos that might have a broad interest or could easily complement a variety of themes, even if you don't currently have a use for them.

Photograph things like clouds, backgrounds, textures, sunsets and other abstract images that can be used to illustrate a number of different ideas. Everyday objects, like old books, a typewriter, silverware, tools, and cameras can work as well.

For example, the image posted above could be used to illustrate anything: a winter holiday, the change of seasons, the natural world, peace, solitude, notifying readers you're on vacation, or a hundred different meanings that you could think of.

As you begin creating a significant number of images, the next challenge will be to catalog and categorize all of them so they can be found at a moment's notice. Read more about that right here.

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