12 Striking Tendencies of Creative People

By Victoria Hudgins. Photography by Raw Color.

Creative people can be a little ... different. This article does a great job of explaining that creative people act different because they operate a little differently. Especially in the fact that they:

1) Are easily bored

A short attention span isn’t always a good thing, but it can indicate that the creative person has grasped one concept and is ready to go on to the next one.

2) Are willing to take risks

Because of the possibility of rejection, fearlessness is absolutely necessary for creating original work. Anything new requires a bit of change, and most of us don’t care for change that much.

3) Don’t like rules

Rules, to the creative person, are indeed made to be broken.They are created for us by other people, generally to control a process. The creative person needs freedom in order to work.

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