Tools for Organizing Online

By Victoria Hudgins. Photography of Mr. Perswall wallpaper.

Juggling tasks in the online world can be a challenge. Whether it's blog posts, social media, or other freelance gigs, staying organized is the difference between having success and always feeling behind. As a part-time blogger, full-time juggler, I have learned a bit about this process. Here are 2 of my favorite tools for organizing online.

1) Feedly

A reader that works with my life! I love using Feedly as my blog reader because it is able to organize posts in the ways that I need it to. It shows me a gorgeous Pinterest like selection of my daily must-reads while chronicling the others. It gives me access to social media feeds and shares non-subscribed blogs that cover the topics I am interested in. Without Feedly's design friendly platform I'd be lost trying to keep up online.

2) Evernote

Evernote functions as my internet brain. I would be incredibly forgetful without it! Evernote is a private organization system that allows me to chronicle everything I am planning online. I make seasonal folders for blog posts, folders for links I want to share, folders for events I am planning, and folders for just about everything I do. I love that these folders are all private, so I can keep my best ideas a surprise. I use the toolbar button to quickly add items I find online, and write notes to myself so can I remember why I was saving each link.

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