Sharing Yourself With Your Online Community

Post by guest contributor Disney. Photography of Sunday Suppers for Alt NYC.

How To Present Yourself To Your Readers

Your blog is basically your online journal. Your journal that thousands of people all over the world are going to read! That’s why your readers will often say that they follow “you." While writing in your personal journal can be perfectly candid, the writing you post on your blog should be slightly censored.

Search Yourself

To build a following, people have to like you. Period. But that doesn't mean that you have to be a “life of the party” personality, with the wit of a comedy show host. Every personality and temperament has something to offer, and yours is no exception. So take a few moments and contemplate your personality. Do you have a great sense of humor? A cheerful disposition? A heart that can empathize well? Or perhaps a leadership ability that is great at getting people motivated? Find your relational talents and use them to present yourself to your readers. Try not to worry about trying to come off just like other writers.

Be positive

Not all of us were born with rose-colored glasses, but if you have a tendency to be negative, do your best not to let it show on your blog. When people read your blog, they do it to be inspired and uplifted; to come away with a good feeling. They won’t have that good feeling, if you’re complaining about your day or whining about life. The world needs all the positivity it can get, and readers will naturally go to the places they find it.

Be positive, but be honest

While it’s important to be uplifting, resist the urge to produce happiness all the time. In order for your readers to feel connected with you, they need to see a little of the unpolished you every once in a while. Did you make a mistake? Own up to it and laugh about it. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Take a few days off and tell them why. Your readers care about you and want to know that you trust them enough to share some of your deeper thoughts as well as the surface stuff.

Share your day

If you’re comfortable with it, share your day-to-day activities with your readers from time to time. Share family trip photos, hilarious quotes from your kids, that gorgeous new skirt you bought, or any other small bits of your life. One of my favorite posts to share is “Our day in photos,” with a picture taken each hour and little or no text. As you share your personal life more, your readers will develop a natural affection and loyalty toward you.