How To Get The Most Out Of Classes

By Sara Urquhart. Photography by Lime Lane Studio.

The Alt Channel was born out of repeated emails I received from people who couldn’t come to Alt for a number of reasons: their kids were too young, they couldn’t get the time off work, or they weren’t ready for the financial investment. I understand all those obstacles and wondered how we could meet more needs. When I realized we could create this conference-type experience in an inexpensive way, year round, without anyone having to leave home, I was thrilled.

Our first significant investment in this experiment was time. We spent 6 months doing research, finding the right platform, building the code, and fine-tuning features so those same opportunities for connection and networking that happen at Alt could take place in our online classes. We were able to establish a low price point ($15 or sometimes free!), and we’re especially proud of our roster of expert teachers.

Keep in mind, that just like Alt in real life, what you bring to Alt Channel classes determines in large part what you get out of them. For the best experience, I suggest you:

  • Have a solid, reliable internet connection.
  • Remove distractions and create an environment where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Double-check the time zone and get to class on time.
  • Find like-minded people, potential collaborators, and maybe even mentors by participating in the conversation throughout the class.
  • Grab that blog roll so you can connect with other class members later—via their blogs, email, or twitter

The best thing I can hope for any Alt participant is new relationships and collaborations that further your business. I’ve watched it happen in-person at Alt, and now I’m seeing it online, too. Join us today!