Three Goals For a Blogging Conference

By Victoria Hudgins. Photography by Roman and Williams.

The first time I attended a blogging conference it was so scary! Preparing for the conference really helped my experience. I scheduled a coffee date the first day with a favorite blogger, and connected with my roommate before we ever got there. Here are three goals to have in mind when preparring for Alt.


Going with a posture to learn is the single best way to attend a conference. You will learn about sponsorships, how to make posts more efficiently, how to organize your online life, how to engage readers and keep them coming back, the best upcoming blogs, and so much more. Be an oversized sponge walking in, and you will walk out with loads of tips to improve your site/brand. 


Plan to meet and make friends, instead of just hoping it happens. Be proactive when you are planning. Is there a blogger you would really love to meet? Smile big and shake their hand. Is there a table you'd like to join, step right in. Before the conference, make a few networking goals regarding the brands, bloggers, and other connections you hope to make. Be proavtive from day one and make it happen!


Conferences are a great place to let loose, but not in a frat party kind of way. Conference parties offer the chance to share an experience and make some new friends. I always say, a drink shared at night is worth 150 emails sent during the day.

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