How Guest Posting Can Grow Your Blog

By guest contributors Brittni Mehlhoff, and Jenny Batt.

Similar to guest posting, being a freelance contributor can help you grow your blog - no matter the size of your current following. The difference between guest posting and being a contributor is frequency. Contributors write posts for sites on a regular basis, while guest posting is usually for a limited time.

As unique as individual blogs are, the types of things to write about when freelancing are vast. You can be a DIY/tutorial or recipes contributor, create roundups or inspiration collages, share your latest tales of adventure, and even contribute video or audio.

If you want to grow your blog’s readership and/or turn blogging into an eventual career path, being a contributor for the right sites can help you do that. More importantly, it can help you grow faster than you would on your own. Here's how:

When you write for a site with a larger readership than your own, or even just a different audience than your own, you are being introduced to new readers. Most of these readers may have never found you otherwise. Make sure your post contains a link back to your site so that interested readers can click through to your blog, and bookmark your awesome site for later. Before you know it they will start pinning the original content they find, add you to their feed reader, and the visitors to your site will begin to multiply.

Your visibility on larger blogs is also helpful in landing more freelancing work and publicity. Large brands and magazines might not read your blog, but they are reading the heavy hitters. If you can get your name and work showcased on those large blogs, you will get your work in front of important eyes. If they like what they see, they will be contacting you for work or features in the future. This leads to more visits to your blog, and pretty soon you aren’t so little anymore!