Setting Up Online, Why it Matters

We all know that having a beautiful website is important, but what is often overlooked is the technology and the platform driving that blog. One of the most important aspects of the design of a site is that the form and the function are beautiful. Form follows function—yep, it even applies to the online world.

Why should you care about your online set-up?

Time is not on your side

How much time do you really spend online? Probably a lot. How much time do you spend on an "average" site? Probably just a few minutes. Over and over, companies and bloggers are finding that they need to capture and engage their users as fast as possible. This is done by creating good content in a quickly accessible, organized way. The structure of your site is important since it plays a large part in allowing your visitors to be able to read your content. Small changes to the structure can make a big difference.

Your site will make and break a deal

Your site is most likely one of the first things people see when they learn about you. It is probably how they decide if they will follow you on twitter, facebook, or pinterest. Your site can convince clients to hire you, and customers to purchase from you. Isn't it amazing how much power your site holds? How are you utilizing this power? How much time are you putting into making your site look, and function as it should?

Don't make me think

The number one rule in website design and set-up is, "don't make me think." People behave differently online and aren't very patient. If they can't find what they are looking for quickly, they will leave. Is your blog or website making it complicated for your viewers? Keep it simple. Make important content easy to find. Take the time to think through each aspect of your site, so your viewers don't have to—because they won't.

The only constant is change

One of the hardest parts of structuring your site is that the web is constantly changing and growing. Just as you would never go a whole year without cleaning your house, I would recommend not letting your site go that long without taking a deep look at your platform. Is it fulfilling your needs? Do you have all of your social media icons in place? Is everything neatly organized and current? Most good web platforms are constantly growing and changing. With a little bit of time and effort, you can have your platform looking great!

These are just a few pointers as to why your site is important. Stay tuned for more tips and hints about setting up your site in this four part series by Melanie Burk. Image by Simon Massey.