Ten Tips for Growing Your Facebook Influence


Facebook can be quite a daunting mountain to climb, especially when attempting to use it to promote your brand. Below are 10 tips to help you better manage your Facebook fan page.

1) Understand Facebook Edgerank

This formula determines who sees your information in their news feed. It is reported that roughly 16%, or less, of your content is being seen by your fans. To see how your Facebook content is doing, go to Edgerankchecker.com.

2) Include Photo’s

Photos and videos get the highest edgerank, which means they are the posts most likely to show up in your fans newsfeed.

3) Don’t Post Links via 3rd Party Apps

When you post with 3rd party apps, Facebook doesn’t provide the share button. Ensuring that 100% of your posts can be shared will help increase your following, as others share your content.

4) Change your cover image regularly

This will help keep your page fresh, as well as keep your audience engaged.

5) Use the "Pin to Top" feature

This feature allow you to pin one of your posts to the top of your Facebook page, and have it stay there for 7 days. This is very helpful to use during a promotion, or when you want to rotate in older content.

6) Optimize Your App Thumbnails

Go to Woobox.com, and you can enable your apps to redirect directly to your website.

7) Monitor Your Insights

You need to measure what is doing well and what isn’t. Insights provides information about how well you engaging your fans on your Facebook page. This will let you how many engaged users you have, and what your fans are responding to most.

8) Respond to Your Comments

Engaging with your commenters allows fans to feels connected with you, and increases the overall activity on your page.

9) Check Your Notifications

You may be missing things that your fans have posted. Be sure to check your notifications to see who has engaged with you. HyperAlerts.no allows you to get alerted whenever someone has posted on your wall.

10) Interests Lists

This is a great way to get around Edgerank. By encouraging your fans to add your page to their interests list, you are able to ensure that they see all your posts.

An excerpt from a semiar by Mari Smith. Photo by Nubby Twiglet.