DIY Blogging To Grow Your Site

Creating original, reproducible, well-done, and niche-specific DIY projects is a great way to help you grow your blog! It is no accident that the majority of successful bloggers are including DIY projects in their weekly editorial calendars. The reason: DIY projects tend to get more attention from your readers. They get pinned more often, shared more regularly, and when done right, can be the catalyst for growing a committed blog following.

The best thing about a DIY project is that almost any type of blogger can incorporate the concept into a site. It doesn't matter if you are blogging about fashion, food, design, or business; no matter your niche, there is always a "how-to" aspect that your readers want to know more about. Think about it this way: if you show your readers something inspiring, they might remember it for a week; if you can teach them how to recreate the inspiration, they will take it with them for years to come. Give them something useful--something that can connect them to your blog, and they are much more likely to share your site with their networks.

Begin creating great content, instead of simply curating what has already been done, and watch your blog grow substantially. Next week we will talk about three important components to a well done DIY project.

Post by Victoria Hudgins. Photo by Twitter Pic @DISC Interiors