Scratch-Off Business Card DIY

Business cards are some of my favorite business materials to design. Here is a fun, inexpensive, and simple business card DIY for your next blogging conference.

The supplies you will need:
  • 1" round hole puncher
  • Pre-cut business cards
  • 1 sheet of blank labels
  • Information stamp (I got mine from - they have both free designs, and ones available for purchase)
  • Scratch-off stickers 

Stamp the cards with your information. You don't have to use a rubber stamp, or purchase pre-cut business cards, but it does save time. You can buy plain paper, and cut it to the size you want, and print directly onto the cards.

You will need drawing software to create the circles. There are free versions available via inkscape, or you can try using Aviary. I made 1" yellow circles, and typed out encouraging phrases.

Print the circles out on the white label paper, and cut them with a punch. Since the circles are printed on the white label/sticker paper, they are really easy to just stick onto the card.

Take the scratch-off stickers and place them directly over the round stickers and you're done! You can also handwrite a little note with arrow saying, "scratch" so people know what to do with them.

These are fun and memorable because they involve some effort on the receivers part to see the secret message underneath. Once their message is revealed, they can hold on to it, and always have your information.

Post by Danni Hong.