The Process (International!) with Will Taylor

By Victoria Hudgins.

When/why did you start blogging?

I started blogging three-and-a-half years ago because I needed somewhere to channel my creativity. It started as a hobby, and I had no clue what I was doing! I never even considered that years later it would have become my career.

What do you love about it?

The ability to connect with creative and inspiring people from across the world is second to none. In one session of clicking through my RSS feeds, I can find out the latest designs and peek into the homes of like-minded people in Australia, America, Europe, and beyond!

Tell us a little about what you do and what your site is about.

I'm based in London where I work freelance as an interiors blogger and writer. My blog, Bright.Bazaar, is a daily interiors blog that focuses on inspiring readers to use more colour in their decorating schemes. I also feature a mix of my personal photography and travel stories.

What is your idea of a successful blog?

One with a unique voice. I don't mind seeing content I've seen elsewhere, as long as the blogger adds something to it: their opinions, their ideas, their inspirations. I love reading a blog that makes me feel like I'm hanging out and having a coffee with my mate.

What has been the best decision you have made regarding your blog and business to this point?

About two years ago, I made the decision to consistently blog everyday. Bar the occasional holidays, I've kept to it. It's been encouraging to see the blog and brand grow as the years pass.

How do you maintain inspiration, creativity and sanity as a professional blogger?

I take time offline. I make sure I take at least two periods of time each year where I totally disconnect from the online world. For my 10 Things I Learned and Loved This Weekend series, I try to search out inspirations from the natural environment. Still, I think it's important to take an extended period of time where you can really focus your creativity and thoughts into something outside of the Internet!

What is your next exciting step for business growth?

I'm currently working on a major redesign and new site for Bright.Bazaar that I'm excited to launch.

What do you do to give your mind rest from the online world?

I love to take country walks, practice sewing, bake cookies, or view a movie at the cinema.

What advice you would give to a new writer/designer who is looking to create a successful site today?

Be patient, explore every opportunity that presents itself (but don't necessarily take them all), and work really hard. Also, be brave and pitch your ideas to editors - just because you've not been published yet, your ideas are no less valid or interesting. Editors want fresh and innovative ideas, so they'll be grateful for your initiative.