How to Celebrate Others’ Successes

By Sara Urquhart. Photography by Our Labor of Love for Design Sponge

You may be familiar with a sinking feeling that grips your gut when you hear about the great new book deal or amazing content campaign another blogger just landed. Feelings of jealousy are common, even when it’s someone you truly love or admire.

Take a deep breath. You’re going to be all right.

Own your successes. When we’re discouraged, we tend to overgeneralize. But be realistic—just because she got a book deal doesn’t mean everyone got a book deal. Remind yourself of your personal ways of measuring success and evaluate those honestly. If you’re truly doing your best, hold your head high. If you have room for improvement, turn your feelings of jealousy into motivation.

Remember rising tides lift all boats. The evolution of the blogging industry over the past several years is good news for everyone. You’ll be successful if you see other bloggers as colleagues, not competitors. Don’t buy into the idea that you’re fighting for the same dollars as other bloggers. If you’re consistently doing quality work, sponsors will come. Adopt this mantra: There is enough money for everyone!

It’s ok to take a break. Sometimes the best remedy for clearing your head is to take a break from the blogs that tend to make you jealous. Spending some time away can help you restore your vision for what you want, and help you clarify what matters most to you.