Travel Blogging: Taking unique Photos

Post by Tina Fussell.

You've just checked into your hotel - now it's time to grab your map and start seeing a new place. With the camera slung around your neck, you set out and start snapping away. You want to take unique photos. This can be quite a challenge if the places you are visiting are frequented by many tourists. It can also be challenging if the place you are visiting is famous, because everyone has the postcard already.

How can you find your own photographic voice?

Here are steps to help you find a unique photographic voice: 

  • Look up: It's easy to get lost in what is staring us in the face. Look up and around to see what inspires you. 
  •  Get away from the major sites: These tend to be clogged with tourists. You will find it difficult to find the unique photos of the intimate photos of the real culture. After visiting the major sites, start walking a few streets off the beaten path. 
  •  Take photos that tell a story: Take pictures of the adventure you find yourself in. Go to where the locals frequent and capture the stories of those around you. 
  • Take photos of pieces: There is definitely something to be said about grand landscapes and wide open shots, but remember to capture little pieces of the things you see. Whether it is a rooftop on the horizon or half of a scone that catches a glimpse of the tea room in the background, leaving your viewers in want of more is a very powerful way to tell a story. 

Sharing your story and the moments that are happening around you is the best way to capture unique photos. Have fun and travel often!