The Importance Of Business Card Design

Technology in our society of ever changing. With so many things becoming digital, business cards are still such a vital, crucial, and tangible element for any brand. It's amazing that something as small as 2" x 3.5" can make such an impact on our businesses! Similar to a 15 second commercial, you have about 5-10 seconds to make an impact with your card.

Why you need a good business card.

The design of a business card, and the importance of it reflecting your brand, is much overlooked. Your business card needs to convey what you're about. Since a business card should reflect your personality, come up with something that represents you, not someone else.

Here are great examples of creative outside-the-box cards:

Excellent typography - designed by Amy Brewster

Letterpress painter business cards - designed by James Prunean, printed by Miss Kotack 

Film negative business card - via Jelle Akkerman

Multiple choice letterpress - via Card Observer

Creative Matchbox cards - via Look. Listen. Smell. Eat. Design by Lisa Mishima

A business card is an entrepreneur’s best friend, his most valuable marketing tool. Consider ways to make your card stand out. Using special textures, stamps, or any other unique features will definitely help.

Post by Danni Hong. Top photo via Adam Rix.