Business Card Design Tips

Tips on designing your business card:

  • Come up with a logo, identity, and a slogan or phrase that best represents your brand 
  • Choose legible fonts 
  • Keep the design simple and sweet 
  • Include a perk they can receive if visiting your website (a free download, coupon, etc.)  
  • Use high-quality paper 
  • Never use free cards - pay the extra $5 to remove the line, "printed free at," so no one is visiting a website other than yours  
  • Consider including some extra swag (a sticker or tattoo) to make it memorable  
  • Create a series of different cards to create excitement about collecting all of them  
  • Print in CMYK and if possible, design in vector - a pixelated low-resolution card is never a good idea 

When considering contact details, here are the essentials: name, website, and email address. It is not often that telephone numbers, fax numbers, and physical addresses are still necessary. Determine what information is most important for your brand, and add the details you feel are essential.

Here is some inspiration for more DIY business cards:

Confetti business cards - via funky time 

Fabric business cards - via Craftaholics Anonymous

Stamped business cards - via HeyLook

Gold acrylic ink cards - via Mint 

Post by Danni Hong. Top Photo Sequin & confetti calling cards - via pugly pixel