Using Pinterest to Know Your Readers

Everyone loves Pinterest. But how can you use Pinterest to gain a better understanding of your readers and what they like. It's actually very simple. And best part is - you don't even need a Pinterest account to do it!

Here's how it works: Every time an image from your blog or a product from your shop is pinned, Pinterest adds that item to a feed of all user-pinned items from your blog/shop (this does not work for individual etsy shops unfortunately). To see what your readers are pinning take this URL (, and substitute your URL in place of mine.

This page enables you to keep track of what things are sparking your viewer's interests. Isn't that the sort of thing we always wonder about? While not everyone uses Pinterest, this tool is still very helpful to better understand your readers/shoppers.

This tool is also helpful is seeing the content that is ranking well with others in your shop/blog community. Above is a snapshot of some recent pins from Martha Stewart. Just think of all the interesting - or should I say Pinteresting - things you can discover!

By Ez of Creature Comforts.