How to Create a Great DIY Post

Creating a DIY project is not always easy, but it will be well worth your time. Readers love them, and they can grow your blog exponentially. Here are three important aspects to creating a great DIY post.

1) Start with an original idea. It is hard to inspire your readers with an idea that has been done before. You will not grow your blog by simply copying the work of others. Give yourself time to step away and become inspired to create a concept that is totally new. If you are inspired by something online, make certain your interpretation of the idea is done in a new and unique way. No one likes a copycat. Your ability to share your project, and gain momentum with it, will be hindered if you are simply recreating the work of others. Consider how you could use the ideas that inspire you in a new capacity, one that makes the project original in it's design. This is the kind of innovation that will turn new eyes towards your work.

2) Make the project easily reproducible. Use easy to find materials that your readers can purchase locally. When necessary, include links to where they can find needed materials online. Make the steps simple. Unless your project involves a major home renovation, you should have no more than 10 simple and straightforward steps. Be sure not to use too much industry jargon, as it could dissuade new readers from trying out the idea. Know your audience and their skill level. Think about designing projects they could actually do. If your blog readers are moms, make projects that are nap-time friendly!

3) Photograph well designed projects. The popularity of the DIY movement is producing many DIY enthusiasts, but not as many careful stylists. Make your project stand out, and grow your readership, by ensuring that each DIY post is well designed. This means you will need to put in the work of styling your project. It also means throwing in the towel on a project and starting over when it doesn't seem to be working. Do not cut corners when developing your projects. Use the most seasonally appropriate and stylish materials you can find. Each DIY post takes me about 3 hours to craft, photograph, edit, and post. It takes hard work to produce this type of original content for your blog, but it is worth it. You will see your numbers grow!

Only professional quality photos will engage with our online design community. If you do not own a DSLR camera, collaborate with a local photographer to photograph your projects. Or even better, invest the money into your business, purchase a good quality camera, and learn basic photography yourself. Your blog will grow as these well-styled, quality photographs are shared online.

Post and photography by Victoria Hudgins. Hear more blogging insights in her How to Make an Awesome Media Kit class on August 28th.