Setting up Your Blog: Which Platform Should I Choose?

One of the most common questions I get from clients is, "Should I use wordpress or blogger?" Unfortunately, there is no perfect platform that fits each case. Choosing a platform comes down to understanding what is best for you and your audience, the purpose of your site, and your level of online skills.

Here is a brief overview of three platforms that I recommend, and why I recommend them:


Blogger has been hard at work improving their platform and system. One of the biggest strengths of Blogger is how user friendly they have made their back-end. Blogger is great for beginners, and for people who don't have the time and resources to spend on a custom site. It is great for people who need to get the most out of their blog, with as little effort as possible.


Wordpress is the most popular platform for most designers and coders. It is highly flexible and has wide range of uses. The back-end is simple and powerful, and there are plugins for any need you can imagine. Wordpress does take some time to learn, so be patient as you customize it to look the way you want. There are many custom themes on the web that can turn your Wordpress blog into a complete site (i.e., a portfolio site). Wordpress is great for more intermediate to advanced bloggers, and is ideal for anyone who needs a complete site.


It's no secret that Alt loves Squarepace! Our site is hosted through Squarespace, and we utilize their amazing back-end and and customizable features. Squarespace is a good in-between to Blogger and Wordpress—it offers a bit of customization, but is really user friendly on the back-end. There is still a bit of a learning curve, but their support is fabulous. Squarespace is great for intermediate bloggers, as well as those who just want a pretty blog and site.

Stay tuned for more tips and hints about setting up online in a series by Melanie Burk from Fifth & Hazel. Image by Britt Browne.