Ten Tips for Social Media Success

Our top 10 favorite tips for social media success!

1. Grammar and spelling count: Always use correct grammar and spelling, but be loose with the RULES to get your point across.

2. Shorten your links: Leave your followers wondering exactly where they are going, and they will more likely click through.

3. Ask questions: Followers love to be engaged; anything from "what is your favorite summer drink?" to "which dress I should buy?" will spark conversation.

4. Reply: Be active and reply to followers who engage with you as much as possible.

5. Share photos: Use the best and brightest photos you can when sharing them on social media, and add text to your photos to personalize as much as possible.

6. Call to action: Encourage your readers to "like", "tweet" or pin your content by placing buttons on each post and asking for likes, retweets and pins at times.

7. Know your audience: Each social media stream has a different audience. Get to know yours. Post accordingly: Instagram is a visually artistic community; your Twitter audience likes surprises and intrigue; Facebook followers love a good photo and simple text; and Pinterest readers want a photo + text to shock and inspire them.

8. Trend it: Get to know what is going on in your niche and the world. Create good input on trending topics, and be sure to use the hash tag to allow your topic to be seen. #smartplan

9. Be on brand: View your social media as an extension of your site and brand. Talk often about the topics and keywords you would like associated with your site.

10. Connect: The most important thing you can do is engage others in conversation through social media. Use the rule of three to engage your readers, respond to their tweets and be a part of the conversation!

Post written by Victoria Hudgins. Photo by Extra Normal.