The Art of Persistence

When I started blogging I assumed that if I simply posted good content and grew a strong readership, sponsors and money would begin to fill my inbox. That didn’t happen.

My blog grew and interest in sponsorship did increase, but to keep the sidebar ads filled I had to put in a lot of effort for minimal profit. 

A contributor position became available that was a good fit, and I had a close connection put my name in for it. At first I was turned down, but the company kept me in mind and eventually I was contacted!

After that the opportunities snowballed, and I made the transition to full-time online work. 

What did this experience teach me?

  • Don't assume money will fall into your lap
  • Work hard and don't be afraid of being persistent 
  • Understand the benefit of networking and asking connections for help
  • Don't be afraid of rejection, eventually you will hear a "yes" 

These are simple lessons, but the simplest lessons are the ones you need to be reminded of the most.

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Post by Melanie Blodgett. Photography by Kajsa Cramer