Making Connections Makes Alt

We aim to provide incredible speakers, top-flight panels and great advice to build your business and your brand. But mostly (and please don't give away our secret), Alt rocks because of our attendees and the connections they make.


Meeting like-minded people in real life matters. There’s nothing like hanging out with people who get you, and when you meet people you’ve admired online, you already know what you have in common. Someone you admire, or someone who admires you, is likely to have similar tastes and style. And that can open the door for (at the very least) inspiration, and (even better) joint projects, new partnerships or even sponsorships.

Sponsorships, you say? Yes! You can meet potential sponsors in person—sponsors who are looking for great bloggers to share their message. A conversation with a sponsor can help determine if they’re the right fit for you, and give them a chance to see firsthand what you have to offer. Meeting a sponsor in person and engaging in an actual conversation will yield far better results than an email in their inbox.

Inspiration flows at Alt, and, if you ask, you can better believe you’ll receive. When your next great idea strikes in the middle of the conference, you’re almost guaranteed to find someone who can help you take the next step. It’s synchronicity—that chance encounter that turns out to be just the thing you’re looking for—and it happens regularly at Alt! You’ll find the name of a designer who can help with your site, a blogger who’s looking for a new contributor, or the perfect letterpress printer to execute your latest design.

You’ll never know what’s waiting for you until you open your mind, open your mouth, and connect with someone new.

Post by Sara Urquhart, director and co-founder of Alt Summit. Photography by B.A.D. photography for Alt Summit.