Success in Social Media With The Rule of Three

It is no secret: having success in the world of social media will increase the success of your blog. The reality is, however, that building a strong following can feel like trying to merge onto a Southern California highway with the constant stream of design awesomeness that is already out there!

Use the Rule of Three to merge onto the highway. This will enable you to engage current readers, grow your followers, and direct that growth back to your site.

1. Post about what you love and what inspires you. Always @mention whose work you are talking about and the site where you found it. This will help engage and build up your community.

2. Post about your life. Social media gives your followers a chance to connect with you as a real person. Posting thoughts, photos, adventures, and ideas will strengthen the bond your followers have with you and your brand.

3. Post your latest and greatest. Share your recent blog posts, pins, designs and projects with your followers. This will direct followers back to your site and grow your brand without making you seem obnoxious and irrelevant.

No matter how often you post, using the Rule of Three will be sure to grow your social media influence. Use Hootsuite or another social media scheduler to track your posts and your growth.

Post written by Victoria Hudgins, follow her @asubtlerevelry. Photography designed for "WP Sociaite" Plugin.