Two FREE Classes From Bing!

Bing wants to encourage all of you to participate in a whole lot of doing this summer and they're making it easy by offering two FREE online classes in July. 

Tough Love:  What Brands Really Think About Your Blog (Wednesday, July 11th, 6:00-7:00 PST)

Hear an ad industry veteran speak the truth about what brands look for in blogs.  Natalie Bowman, Bing Marketing Director, will give you tips on creating a blog that brands will beg to be associated with and will offer critiques of select student's blogs (volunteers only.)  Thick skin is required. 

The ABCs of SEO:  How Bing can help make your blog a success (Thursday, July 19th, 6:00 - 7:00 PST)

In the battle of David vs Goliath,  whose side are you on?  See why searchers are turning to Bing in increasing numbers and why you should care about Bing.  Learn how Bing Webmaster Tools can provide you with rich data about your site to help you optimize your website for SEO and help deliver a better experience for your readers.  

Sign up for one or both of these classes by visiting the Function sight. Both of these are first come, first serve so please make sure you're available to attend before signing up. 

Badda-BING, badda-boom!