Branding: Deciding Which Passion to Follow

By guest contributor Mariah Danielsen. Photography by Caleb Brown Everitt.

When you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur, it can be difficult to decide on a path to follow. Which path will let you have the most fun while making the most money. Here are a few things to think about when you’re trying to decide what to focus on:

What Will People Pay You For?

The secret to growing a brand that you love is getting paid to do what you love. Take your passions and incorporate them into aspects of your business.

Write down all the things you love to do in your free time; all the things people say you’re the best at, and all the things you have a passion for. From there, think about which of these things people will actually pay you for. Focus on growing those offerings in your business.

Choosing a path that you love will make your work so much more fun, and won’t feel like work at all.

Combining Your Passions

No one says you have to pick just one of your passions, and stick with that alone. 

One way to do many of the things you love in your business is to combine your passions. You may be an interior designer who loves to shop at flea markets, give handmade gifts, bake, and take pictures. Find ways to combine all of these in your business, and create unique offerings.  When you get a new client, you can give them a small gift or bake some of your to-die-for cupcakes for them. You can keep your clients in mind when you’re at a flea market, picking up pieces you think would work in their space. You can also shoot your own photos for your blog and website, or use your photography skills to shoot a custom image for your client’s home.

There are many ways to do all of the things that you love in your business, and each passion you incorporate makes you and your brand more unique and memorable. The more you combine your passions that add to your uniqueness, the more confident you’ll be in your business, and the stronger your brand will be.

What are some ways you have combined your passions in your business? Share them in the comments below.