What to Expect at Alt: A Guide for First-Timers

By guest contributor Erin Loechner. Photography by Alt.

The Altitude Summit is the must-visit conference of the year - but you already knew that, didn't you? The good news is that you've signed up and are headed to Utah this January. The bad news? You're shaking in your (well-insulated) boots. If this is your first time at Alt, fear not. Here's exactly what you can expect:

Wednesday, January 23rd
Depending on when your flight coasts into SLC, you'll want to check into your hotel. Drop off your bags and head to Grand America's registration desk. Your name badge, conference schedule, and friendly faces will await you--you lucky thing.

Take it easy, chat in the lobby bar, or take a power nap and get ready for dinner out on the town at 6:30pm (Have you signed up yet?). Then rest up - you've got a busy day ahead of you on Thursday!

Thursday, January 24th
Grab breakfast downstairs and head to your first panel at 9am sharp. Panels are conversational in tone, so be prepared to gain casual, yet amazing, advice from your favorite powerhouse bloggers/media leaders. Anticipate a lot of note-taking, idea-sharing, and fist-bumping.

Short breaks will be held between each panel, giving you time to refuel/chat/rest before the next groundbreaking session.

Alt's keynote lunch is a can't-miss. Not only is the food fantastic, but the speaker is sure to leave you inspired. Your mind will spin with endless motivation to accomplish exactly what you've dreamed of. Head to the ballroom early to grab a seat around the impeccably-decorated tables, and relax as you're served a true feast (for the belly and the mind).

After lunch you can expect more panel sessions and social breaks. But be sure to take it easy - Alt's Thursday night party is always a show-stopper. This year's theme? Clue. Go get 'em, Miss Scarlet. If you're not sure what to wear, here are some fabulous ideas!

Friday, January 25th
Here's hoping you've reserved some energy for another inspiring day. Kick off your morning with round-tables. They are the perfect opportunity to gain advice/wisdom on a smaller, more intimate scale. Round-tables are open discussions moderated by an expert in his/her field. They are a great way to connect with other creatives, while learning more about ways you can step up your business or blog (from accountants to public relations and everything between).

Continue your day with more panels and another inspiring keynote speaker, then get ready for a night of mini-parties. These parties are a true highlight for the socialites. Meet and greet all of your new friends while visiting 12 different suites, all hosted by Alt's fabulous sponsors. Bring an appetite for snacking, and a smile for the photo-booths!

Saturday, January 26th
Saturday is reserved for walking tours (photos and thrift stores and sight-seeing, oh my!) and design camps for those who haven't yet filled their inspiration cup from the busy week. Choose from a variety of camp and tour options specifically tailored to take you to the next level in your blog or business.

Crave information on a smaller, more personalized level? Design camps are the perfect fit, and Alt's instructors are the best. Learn everything from tabletop photography, to media kit perfection. Trust us - you won't want to skip out on these invaluable classes. View the amazing course offerings here; enrollment is limited.

Bid farewell to Salt Lake City as you head home, a notebook full of doodles, pocket full of business cards, and a head overflowing with inspiration.

Are you crazy-excited yet? You should be. Now get to packing - you've got a fun trip ahead of you!