Communication with Advertisers


By Victoria Hudgins. Photography by Laura Marii.

Let’s talk about your relationship with your advertisers. They occupy a space on your sidebar, and sometimes get a feature post - but most people only think of them when it is time to renew. It’s important to think of your advertisers as partners - a mutually beneficial relationship. You have the traffic that advertisers want their brand in front of, and they have the money to help you continue to do what you love. When it is working right, everyone should be happy in this relationship. The key, as in any relationship, is putting in the necessary work to keep it healthy.

The center of every healthy relationship is communication. Some of us know this all too well. We have read books on communication, gone to seminars, and even seen professional help! When it comes to your partnership with your advertisers, when, how and what should you communicate?

Communicate monthly
Folks with a donor relations background understand the value of this. By communicating monthly, your advertisers will feel connected to your blog. They won’t feel like you only talk to them when you need money.

Communicate your wins
Were you recently featured on a major blog? Have your numbers gone up? Did a post of yours get a kajillion pins on Pinterest recently? Have you done a site redesign? Did you contribute to a major magazine? If you communicate your wins, your advertisers will be reminded that their partnership is worth investing in!

Communicate via newsletter
Creating a quick PDF, using a email newsletter service, or writing a quick few paragraphs in an email text are all great ways to do this. Whatever you do, make sure it is in-line with the voice and niche of your blog, and that it is done with the highest quality.

Since communication is vital in any relationship, remember: communicating with advertisers is part of your job. It is not something that takes you away from what you should be doing, it is what you should be doing. Plus, you’ll find that you’re building relationships that you really enjoy. Most importantly, when advertisers are thinking about cutting their ad budgets, they will be less inclined to cut out someone that have a good relationship with.