What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

 By guest contributor Erin Loechner. Images by J.Crew.

New to the conference scene and not sure what to don? Rest assured that no matter what you wear to Alt, you'll be greeted with loads of smiles, incredible wisdom - and yes...stripes. But if you're unsure whether you'd like to rock your favorite sequined shoes (do it!) or floral pants (do it!), here's my take on attire absolutes!:

 1. Absolutely be comfortable.

Rule #1 - comfort first. If you know that rad lace top you just scored is going to make you itch like mad during your favorite panel, leave it at home. Instead, opt for the most comfortable items in your closet, as you'll likely be sporting them for 8 hours+.

Pro Tip: Consider dressing up your favorite comfy top with a structured pencil skirt.You'll feel polished and look professional without seeming stuffy or under-dressed.

2. Absolutely be confident.

This is a close second to rule #1, because you must, must, must wear something that makes you feel 100% out-of-this-world (even if that includes spanx!). If you're a first time blogging/media/design conference attendee, your nerves will likely be in full force. Why not tone them down by knowing you look fantastic? Look great = feel great. It's a motto for a reason. So if your go-to outfit for confidence building is classic and casual? Do it. In my book, confidence is always the best accessory, so make yourself shine in whatever outfit you can.

Pro Tip: A turtleneck and tortoise shell glasses makes for such a studious, approachable look, don't you think? Consider this look if you're staying at a nearby hotel and need something warm to carry you through the commute!

3. Absolutely be walkable.

If you're not well-versed in heels, forget them and re-visit rule #1. There are billions of adorable flats on the market, so pick up a pair (I'd consider loafers or booties!) and call it a day. Heels look anything but stylish when you're hobbling around and nursing blisters!

Pro Tip: A feminine, patterned dress provides the perfect balance for a more masculine flat. Give it a go!

4. Absolutely be layered.

Sure, you'll likely be indoors for nearly the entire conference (there's just soooo much to learn/do!), but what if your blogger crush invites you out for a quiet impromptu dinner down the street? Layer up for those just in case moments (and you can always remove a top layer if you get too toasty indoors). Just be sure you don't tote around a bulky coat all day - you'll hate yourself!

Pro Tip: Bonus points if your top layer is an adorable animal sweater. You'll be the trendiest "bull" of the ball! Speaking of trends...

5. Absolutely be trendy (if you want!).

Caveat: If you hate trends, don't wear them. There's something incredibly timeless about a classy ensemble, so stick to what you love. But if you are in the mood to spice things up, there are a few trends that are sure to hit the conference circuit this year (be on the lookout!): pattern mixing, hipster glasses, bold pants, colored denim, chambray button-ups and yes, still stripes. Consider what might work for you and give it a go!

Pro Tip: The trick to mixing patterns is to consider color and scale. Choose a complementary color story, and opt for one big-scale pattern vs. one small-scale pattern. That's it!

6. Absolutely be bright.

And I'm not talking this beautiful skirt hue above. Bring your brains (and your smile!) and remember that it truly is what's underneath the surface. Happy conferencing!

P.S. Boys - my apologies for leaving you so very out of this post. Gold star if you wear thisthis or this. Straight and to the point. You like, yes?