Tackling Big Projects

By Sara Urquhart. Photography by Costin M.

Bloggers are an ambitious bunch, with big ideas and even bigger dreams. If you’ve got a big project brewing in the back of your mind, begin bringing it to light with careful planning.

First, ask yourself what success will look like. Establishing clear goals for your project will help define and refine all your tasks associated with the project. Prepare to invest either time or money—usually some of both—to reach your goals.

Then, give yourself plenty of time to get everything done. Working in a frenzied rush will not serve your big event or product launch, so think carefully about what you need to do and how long it will take. Being methodical in the planning stages will save you sleepless nights and last-minute hustles down the road.

When your to-do list reaches monumental proportions, enlist help from others. Maintain ownership over the things you love doing, and then work to find people who will love doing other things that need to get done. Once you include others in your project, you must trust in their abilities, which means no micromanaging. I’ve found that people always do things differently than I would, and it’s almost always better. If it’s not better, it’s good enough.

There may be a handful of elements in your project that are just that—good enough. Learn to accept that. If you revisit your original goal regularly, you’ll be sure you’re spending the most energy on the things that are most important. Don’t compromise on those, and don’t agonize over the trivial. Remember, sometimes “done” is better than “perfect.”