What to Wear to Alt: Clue Party Edition

By guest contributor Erin Loechner.

Have you heard? This year, the ultimate Alt party will be themed for the top notch design scouts you are. It's no mystery - you all are stealthy game-changers (and you certainly know how to pick out a dreamy candlestick!).

Yes, that's right - this year's party theme is... CLUE!

Come dressed in your favorite hue and beg to answer the question: Best dressed: Who dunnit? As always, if you need help finding the perfect ensemble, here are a few fun ideas to consider!:

If you're bold, Miss Scarlet: [Heels / Lipstick / Tights / Dress / Gloves / Clutch]

If you're cunning, Colonel Mustard: [Heels / Hat / Ring / Blazer / Pants]

If you're absent-minded, Professor Plum: [Earrings / Handbag / Dress / Booties / Eyeshadow]

If you're regal, Mrs. Peacock: [Fascinator / Tights / Coat / Heels / Handbag / Eyeshadow]

If you're studious, Mr. Green: [Necklace / Flats / Nail Polish / Dress / Bow Tie / Bag]

If you're frazzled, Mrs. White: [Wrap / Dress / Hair Accessory / Heels / Clutch]

We'll see you there, magnifying glass in tow!