The Best Digital Notebooks

By guest contributor Tori Bowman.

With basically our entire lives moving into the digital realms, it's only natural that paper notebooks have become obsolete. When we carry our smart phones and iPads with us wherever we go, why add just another bulky item to our list? Download one of these apps, and make your life and purse a little less cluttered.

1) Evernote: This is the crowd favorite. Evernote lets you save images, notes, links. Use Evernote, and you will never forget anything.

2) Apple Notes: If you're already an Apple user, this is a great option, because you already have it on all of your devices. Any changes you make will automatically sync throughout all your devices.

3) Simplenote: It's super simple and it gets the job done. If you're not too fond of Evernote, give this one a try.

4) Springpad: If Evernote and Pinterest had a baby, it would be Springpad. It combines the functionality of Evernote and all the beautiful pictures and sharing functions of Pinterest. Springpad is a fun and photogenic way to takes notes and share them.

What is your favorite digital notebook? Have you converted over, or do you still find yourself going back to pencils and paper for note taking?