Create the Best Graphic Logo

By guest contributor Tori Bowman.

Creating the perfect logo for your blog is a huge task. Here are a few tips to help you get the look, the content, and the feel of your blog - all in one neatly packaged graphic logo.

1) Keep it simple
Use basic shapes to create your logo. Ask yourself if you've gotten the graphic down to its most simple and still recognizable form. Don't stop until you have!

2) Draw it by hand
Steer clear of the computer during the brainstorming process. A pencil and sketchpad will be more helpful than a mouse or tablet. And if it fits with the look of your blog, you might even want to keep that hand drawn look. It will give your logo a little personality.

3) Letter it by hand
Adding some handwriting to your blog, in one form or another, is a great way to make your readers feel closer to you. Using your own handwriting for the title of your blog can easily turn a bland looking title into a work of art.

4) Try a simple silhouette
Silhouettes always look classy. If you can create the right mark for your blog or brand, a silhouette can become a clear, easy to recognize image for your readers.

5) Alter type
Another way to spice up simple titles is to do a bit of altering to the type. Play with the crosses on the letters, or add in some simple lines. But remember to not make it too complicated; simplicity is always best.

Keep it simple: image one,  image two 

Draw it by hand: image

Letter it by hand: image one, image two 

Try a simple silhouette: image one, image two 

Alter type: image one, image two