5 Email Habits for Communicating with Sponsors

By Sara Urquhart. Photography by Esparta Palma.

Think of all the things that the word “professional” connotes: put-together, skilled, efficient, and in control. You work hard to create that level of professionalism on your blog, and nothing can reinforce that to your sponsors better than great email habits.

1. Return emails promptly. If you’re corresponding with sponsors, potential sponsors, or business partners, don’t let those emails sit in your inbox. Train yourself to turn them around quickly.

2. Meet deadlines. Send invoices or agreements on time, without delay.

3. Follow up. If you send out an email, invoice, or agreement, and don’t hear back, follow up to find out why.

4. Spell correctly. Spell check helps, but not if the word you misspelled is also a word. Watch out for its and it’s; they’re, there, and their; your and you’re. See more common mistakes here

5. Stay in touch, even if things get rocky. If you find you can’t deliver what you’ve promised, don’t avoid your business contacts. Instead, let them know you’ve encountered a problem. Propose an alternative solution, even if it’s outside the bounds of your original agreement. Being up front about this not only makes you look better, it makes you feel better, too.