Simple Ways to Build an Online Community

By guest contributor Disney.

Give to Get

Admit it - you love to be around generous people. We all do. A big part of why we love being around them is that we feel like that person really cares about us. In the same way, a generous blog author builds a devoted readership.

Provide Free Content

Giveaways are a great way to give back to your readership, and most companies are excited to participate in them. Do make sure that the giveaway product is relative to your blog’s regular content, and try to avoid making readers jump through too many hoops to enter. (i.e. Liking you on Facebook, becoming a Google follower, etc.). Readers also love to receive products that you make as well.

Prioritize readers

When your blog becomes all about your own opportunities, readers will recognize it quickly. We’ve all seen it: a blog we started out loving turns into something drab, overrun with advertising, guest posts, and sponsored content. Your readers need to know that they are more important to you than a $50 store gift card. Keep the sponsored posts under control, and remember that instructional or personal posts are what will bring people back again.

Use Social Media to Give Back

Social media is a great way to support other blogs and small businesses. It may seem like you’re directing traffic away from yourself, but your generosity will create loyal readers whose traffic will come back to you over and over again!