Design Camps 2012

Start whistling the tune from Parent Trap because Design Camps are back for Alt 2012. This time they're all going to be taking place on Saturday, January 21st so you won't feel like you have to miss out on any great panels to attend. We've got a talented line up of teachers who are just waiting to share their skills and we're sure we have some eagar students too. Sign-up will begin on Monday, October 17th. Instructions will be available from our newsletter (take a look in the left margin to sign up) and posted on this blog. Here's a list of what's going to be offered so you can make a plan of attack. 

9:30 - 11:30

Session A: Sewing

Teacher: Rachel Faucett

Class Cap: 20

Rachel wants you to know you there's no reason to fear the sewing machine. She'll guide you through a step by step tutorial that will leave you with something pretty to take home. You'll walk away feeling more domestic than ever and without any type of injury, promise. 

Session B: Bookbinding 

Teacher: Allison Chapman

Class Cap: 15

Want to have something special to save all your Alt notes in? Allison will teach you how to make three something specials with her bookbinding class. Create three different types of book: flag, circular and multi-signature hardcover that will make you an instant journal writer or become the perfect handmade gifts.

Session C: How To Style For a Photo Shoot 

Teacher: Susan Wagner, Allison Czarnecki and Justin Hackworth

Class Cap: 20

Okay, so you know you’re never going to be a contestant on America’s Next Top Model but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel fetching for a day. Allison will provide tips for the perfect makeup and hair, Susan will show you how to pick a flattering outfit and Justin will give you pointers for looking your best in front of the camera. Christine Koh will be the model, but everyone should come prepared to get chic -- and to say cheese. 

Session D: Photography - Creating the Professional Studio Look Without the Studio 

Teacher: Ryan Marshall and Jason Hudson

Class Cap: 10

Ryan and Jason want to teach you one thing: stop being afraid of light! No, they’re not talking about crazy expensive studio lights, but small studio strobes and simple backdrops that will give you the pro look your blog or shop have been asking for. Get excited to try your hand at styling, posing, lighting and camera work. You’ll leave feeling like you just spent the day on set at a Vogue shoot.


12:30 - 2:30

Session A: Sewing

Teacher: Dana Willard 

Class Cap: 25

Need to brush up on your seventh grade home-ec skills? The Internet queen of sewing herself will be teaching you not one but three easy projects. Choose to make a tote bag, oilcloth banner or a stenciled throw pillow to wow the crowd. Be warned, the person with the best skills will be peer pressured into signing up for Project Runway.

Session B: Printmaking

Teacher: Eva Jorgensen

Class Cap: 15

Eva knows a thing or two about printmaking and wants to share her talent. In this course you’ll learn how to do a layered watercolor wash and trace monotype print that will leave you a unique piece of art otherwise known as your gallery wall's new best friend.

Session C: Building a Killer Portfolio Site

Teachers: Susan and William Brinson

Class Cap: 15

So you want to build a sleek portfolio site but don’t know a line of code? Perfect. This is where you start. With the help of experienced teachers, you’ll learn the ins and outs of what should be there, what you should skip and types of photos that will make your portfolio complete. And the best part is you’ll actually leave with a functional portfolio site!

Session D: Photography - Great Lighting and Portraits

Teacher: Wendy and Tyler Whitacre

Class Cap: 40

If you dread having to find a halfway decent photo for your about page, it’s time to step up your photography skills with Wendy and Tyler. They’ll teach you how to get the most flattering light (no double chin please) and how to come away with a portrait that you’re proud of. Who doesn’t want that? 


3:00 - 5:00

Session A: Jewelry 

Teacher: Caroline Armelle 

Class Cap: 10

Taking it up a step from your basic camp friendship bracelet, Caroline Armelle will teach you how to wire wrap beads and how to properly use jewelry making tools. You’ll come home with your own teardrop earrings and pendant necklace that will have your husband wondering if you made a Salt Lake City shopping trip.

Session B: Watercolor

Teacher: Courtney Khali

Class Cap: 16 

Watercolor is so hot right now. Learn the fundamentals as well as secrets and techniques from a professional artist. Then give it a try by painting your own botanical still life. You’ll leave with an original piece of art that will make the perfect Alt Summit souvenir.

Session C: PhotoShop for Bloggers

Teacher: Alma and Mike Loveland

Class Cap: 25

If you’re looking for the basic skills that will make your photos and posts look more professional, this class is for you. Taught by two PhotoShop veterans, you’ll leave feeling confident in your ability to fancy things up. Your blog (and readers) will thank you. 

Session D: Food and Tabletop Photography

Teachers: Susan and William Brinson

Class Cap: 10

Join Susan and William for an intimate and hands-on workshop on how to shoot food using natural light. They'll go over the ins and outs of using natural light and what's the right situation. You will learn how to use what's around you to get the perfect shot, and how to make the food look like you just want to eat it off the screen. It will be a fun course with photography, food and delicious photos.

**image: Girl Hula on Flickr